Welcome to Learning Real Estate! Here Begins the Journey!


Day 1: Tax Lien Introduction

Hello there! 

My name is Herley Taylor and starting this year, 2017, I plan to start investing in real estate. This is my personal blog I created so I can share my experience with this journey. I currently live in Denver, Colorado, USA. I think that the most easy way for me to join this industry is by investing in tax liens.

So again, with this blog I hope to show other people how to become rich, earn a lot of money or become wealthy by investing in real estate. Now although these are my personal aspirations I am sure that there are other people want out there who want to hear directly from people who used to be homeless or at least have never been considered, ‘well-to-do’ who  eventually worked her or his way up into financial independence, all by investing in real estate.

So here is what I have learned so far about this booming industry. Tax liens seem to pave the way for non-experienced people to finally become a property investor with very little money. By that, I mean that in many cases one, say Raheem Smith, can purchase a tax lien on a property for as low as $100-$1500, continue paying the subsequent (following) years’s taxes for the next three annual tax cycles, and after three years pass investor Raheem Smith can apply for the deed tax on the respective property. At that point, he would just need to pay the extra final fees, (e.g,. deed search; deed tax transfer; prior years owed taxes; etc.) and then BOOM! he now owns the property!


I can’t believe that I have not invested yet. I’ve been saying that I’m going to invest in delinquent properties since the summer I turned 22 (2012). Four and a half years later, I’m still talking about doing it. Well, now I’m holding myself accountable for my actions. When Denver county starts its online bidding auction later this year in early November I am going to invest approximately $3000 in one or more properties. I prefer to invest in multiple properties so just in case on property owner decides to redeem her or his property, which means that I will be getting unexpected money with interest out of the blue, I can still have other properties under my belt!

I’ve experienced homelessness a few times and have decided to prevent that from ever happening again. I will buy my own properties using the tax lien real estate system. I am educating myself on how this process works by reading blogs, exploring websites, delving into real estate books, and talking to other people and attending workshops.

In fact, this Saturday I will attend a DealZone Real Estate Workshop here in the city of Denver.

I hope to be able to own properties, fix them up, rent them out to tenants lower than all other landlords around the Denver metropolitan area, and experience financial independence and wealth.

If you have any experience with investing in real estate, specifically tax liens please share your story with us; we would love to hear from you!